Filtrate is a unique headphones application designed to allow you to enjoy your music wherever you are without missing any important audible events such as important announcements on the train, flight informations, the childcare attendant at your gym, or the horn from an oncoming car while walking or jogging. Filtrate achieves this goal in two ways:

Continuous recording 

When on, Filtrate is always listening   and recording up to the most recent 2 minutes.  In case you miss or misunderstand something, just rewind and replay, similarly to the DVR on your TV.

Automatic playback

Filtrate can interrupt your music immediately when an important sound is heard such as the horn of a car. 

Filtrate is an extremely simple application to use. Once powered on, set your desired sensitivity level and you are ready to go.  No complex settings, just set it forget it, and Filtrate will do the rest. It will instantly adjust to the changes in the ambient noise as you leave one environment and enter another.