Filtrate is similar to having a third ear, listening to all the sounds around you while you enjoy other things on your iOS device such as watching a video, listening to music or playing a game. If an important sound occurs, such as a car horn, or an announcement, Filtrate will pause your music  play the sound live in your headphones. If you miss something, you can just rewind and listen again with Filtrate Instant-Replay. You can even speed up or slow it down until the sound is clear and audible . All without ever removing your headphones! 


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Filtrate can continuously record up to the most recent few minutes, so even when you're not listening, Filtrate is... If you miss anything just rewind and play it again! 

Automatic volume control 

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Never touch your volume control again!! Let Filtrate raise and lower your music volume as the noise level in your environment increases or decreases. Filtrate makes fine grained changes that cannot be easily be made using manual controls. 

Automatic playback 

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When auto-playback is on, Filtrate will automatically pause your music and playback important sounds as they are happening! For example: 

GOING FOR A JOG, WALK, OR BIKE RIDE - Don’t miss important sounds such as car horns or the sound of someone trying to get your attention. This is especially important for users of noise isolating headphones which block out most of the outside sounds. 

ON THE TRAIN OR PLANE - Enjoy your music without missing any announcements from the conductor or captain. 

AT THE AIRPORT - Relax before your flight with some tunes, but don't miss your boarding call or maybe gate change. 

AT THE TRAIN STATION - Nothing like great music with your morning commute, but don't miss important track/service announcements. Filtrate always adapt to the background noise. 

AT HOME - Like to get pumped up up while cleaning the house, or maybe just lazying around in your favorite chair. Enjoy, without missing a phone call or the door bell, or more importantly, the little one waking up from a nap. 

AT THE GYM - Enjoy Radiohead, Drake or David Guetta as loud as you'd like while working out without missing announcements on the PA. Filtrate! will adjust the sounds of the many machines going around you. 

Control your iOS music player You can now fully control your iOS music player right from Filter! ・See album art ・Swipe to change tracks ・Control volume ・Jump straight to the music player for anything else 

Control your iOS music player 

You can now fully control your iOS music player right from Filtrate! 

See album art 

Swipe to change tracks 

Control volume 

Jump straight to the music player for anything else 

Single touch exploration of playing music 

Do you ever just want to know a little more about the artist or song you're listing to? With Filtrate, you can search the web, images or videos of the current song, album or artist with a single tap. 

Live playback when music is paused 

When enabled, Filtrate will automatically start playing live sounds when you pause the music so if you want to have a quick conversation, no need to remove your headphones! 

Voice Equalizer 

Helps reduce background noise and makes it easier to understand spoken words in loud environments. 

Realtime playback speed control 

Speed up or slow down playback audio. This can be useful when you need to better understand something (or just for fun).